The Columbia River spans the states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho and runs all the way to the Canada border. The Columbia River and itís tributaries offer some of the best Sturgeon fishing and Salmon fishing in the world.

Some of the best fishing is just minutes from downtown Portland Oregon. Oregon fishing and especially the Columbia River, offers a wide variety of fishing opportunity, all year long. We offer exciting fishing trips for sturgeon, salmon, steelhead, walleye and shad.

The Columbia River is world Renown for the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge and it's great fishing. With over 30 years of fishing experience here in the northwest, we can offer you more then a fishing trip we can offer you a fishing vacation. The Columbia River Gorge offers much more then just fishing. There are miles of hiking, waterfalls, wildlife and much more to see.

Hunting in Wyoming just doesn't get any better than this. Every year our clients come back because of the hunting success they had in the previous year. Look over your calendar and plan a Wyoming hunting trip with us next year and have the Wyoming hunting adventure of a lifetime.

While deer and antelope hunting with us, you will be treated like family. That's the only way we know how to do it. Our cooks will keep you fat and happy and each room of the bunkhouse is spacious with your own bathroom and shower. We offer 1 x 2 guided hunts and plenty of animals to choose from. Our guides are very experienced in hunting antelope and deer here in Wyoming so don't hesitate to ask questions. After you have filled your tag we just don't send you home. You can stick around for the duration of your hunt dates and do some sightseeing or let us take you our for some prairie dog hunting.


I want to be your hunting consultant and let me tell you why. I have been around the outdoor industry since I was a teenager, I have been a full time fishing guide in the Northwest since 1998 and I have also been an Outfitter in Wyoming for 5 years.

Like in any other industry you have the good ones that run their businesses with integrity and you have the others that donít. While fishing on my boat in Oregon and hunting ........

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